Tate Modern

Located in Bankside, Central London, the “Tate Modern” showcases modern and contemporary art galleries from 1900 to the present. Converted from an old power station and with several floors, there are a wide range of exhibitions covering a number of themes. On each level you will find different exhibitions, from installation and video art on level 0 to contemporary art in collaboration on level 1.



The “Arnolfini” is, amongst other things, a contemporary art gallery in Bristol. Entry to the gallery is free, and you can view exhibitions from contemporary artists around the world. In the past, there have been works exhibited by the likes of Paul McCartney and Louise Bourgeois. The “Arnolfini” also has an arts bookshop, a cinema and live art.


Saatchi Gallery

Found at Duke of York’s Headquarters, London, the “Saatchi Gallery” exhibits works by largely unknown but upcoming contemporary artists. In recent times, the gallery has showcased some of the most popular exhibitions around, including “Newspeak” and “Abstract America”. On display you can view collections by new British artists, sculptures by Richard Wilson and many more. Entry is free of charge.


Institute of Contemporary Arts

Founded in 1946, the “ICA” is a centre for art and culture. Located on The Mall, in London, you can find contemporary art galleries, bookshops, cinemas and more inside. The “ICA” has upper and lower galleries showcasing collections and displays from contemporary artists. On at the moment are collections from new contemporary artists, installation art, collections of paintings and more.


White Cloth Gallery

Based in Leeds, “White Cloth Gallery” is a recently opened gallery for photography and film. In the past, there have been photography exhibitions on things such as Duffy’s iconic David Bowie image. At the moment, there is a music event called “Swan Love”, which includes dancers, musicians and visuals highlighting the charitable cause of “Hand in Hand”, a charity for the children of Syria.

Contemporary Art is an ever evolving phenomenon which embraces technologies and current events wholeheartedly. If you take a look at art through the chasm of time you will be able to trace our historical footprint far back into the stone age and beyond. Humanity has been creating art for thousands of years and it has become ingrained into our species so much that it is a necessary humanistic communication and expressionistic method.

The contemporary landscape of art in this day is very different to that of our artistic predecessors. Our recent technological advances have allowed for a wider window of options and methods open to today’s artists. When we think of art, we are more than likely to think of stuffy old paintings, but art is so much more than that.

Photography has been embraced by the art community as an independent form of art in its own right. From journalism to wedding photographers, photography is a profession with an ever increasing membership adding to its numbers. The invention of the smartphone has opened up an enormous snapping opportunity for everyone that owns one. Just about anyone can take a great picture with their phone, upload it to the internet and make it available for sale in the form of prints.

There are an array of platforms available to budding photographers, enabling them to edit, distort and manipulate their images into works of art. Contemporary art has entered the digital age in a big way. Digital images have flooded the internet like an unstoppable virus infecting our eyes and senses at the reach of our fingertips.

It is not just photography that has seen the effect of technology. There are a number of applications that contemporary artists use to create digitally constructed images without the need of a photo image. This type of art has been so successful that other industries have inducted it into their marketing and product strategies.

Even the old painting methods have witnessed the effect of technological change. The internet is now the main platform for artists to make their names, exchange ideas and sell their art. There are numerous websites that can make a copy of your image and sell it in many different formats.

All contemporary art mediums have access to all that technology offers and we lap it all up as if it were a second nature. Should we reach the day that we run out of energy to run our computers and smartphones, we won’t lose our access to art. Art lives within us as much as the human emotion, love. There will always be art as long as there’s humanity.

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There is a wide variety of different types of contemporary arts available, from very traditional paintings and drawings, to modern approaches that use different types of digital media.

Painting is one of the oldest forms and it is a two-dimensional art form that is made up from layers of pigment that is applied to a surface. Paintings are the most common as well as one of the more popular forms of contemporary arts.contemporary arts

Drawings are another traditional type of contemporary art work and again are one of the oldest forms of art around. Drawing is a very popular method used by artist’s to note down their first observations and other important preparatory work. Ink, pencil, pastels, charcoal, crayon and chalk are different instruments that can create tone by adding line and shading to a basic drawing.

Sculptures are generally three-dimensional works of art created from shaping and moulding different types of material and it is another old, traditional example of contemporary art. There are four main techniques involved in sculpting which are, modelling, craving,
casting and assemblage.

Printing is two-dimensional art form where an impression is created. There are many different techniques used today which include, relief prints, engraving, etching, mezzo-tint, aqua-tint and finally dry-point.

A Photograph is an image that is created by the exposure of light to a light-sensitive material and photography is a relatively modern type of contemporary art. There are many different types of photographic prints including:

A chromogenic colour print
Vintage print
Silver geletin print

Design is a type of contemporary art as well it is also a part of applied art. Design comes in many different forms which include, graphic, fashion, industrial, interior and also functional art work. Contemporary design can be used in the context of furniture and lighting in a room.